Our Vision

Project Create envisions a community in which all children and youth, particularly those affected by homelessness and poverty, have access to high-quality arts education in order to improve their lives and their communities.

Our Mission

Project Create provides accessible arts education to promote positive development in children, youth and families experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Our Values

We believe that every child should have a safe place to be creative, expressive and imaginative. We welcome children of any level of artistic skill, and we engage them through a wide variety of artistic disciplines and a broad range of arts enrichment activities.

We believe that art fosters confidence, self-knowledge and resilience, which children need to reach their dreams. Our classes teach more than art skills; we help children navigate challenges in their lives in order to succeed academically and socially, now and in the future.

We believe that a creative community can instill a sense of belonging and positive cultural identity. These anchors make it easier for children to resist destructive influences and make constructive choices. Through art, we encourage our students to use their voices to represent and advocate for themselves in their communities.

Our Program Goals

Project Create offers unique opportunities to create art and develop important life skills at the same time. Our work is centered around the following three programmatic goals:

CREATE ART– by providing professionally-led visual and performing arts instruction taught by experienced, engaged teaching artists in order to develop students’ art skills and provide tools for creative expression, and by offering our students opportunities for public exhibition and performance in order to develop confidence;

CREATE OPPORTUNITY– by offering out-of-school-time programming in a safe, structured environment that promotes positive youth development and learning through cultivation of skills including critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, and leadership; and

CREATE COMMUNITY– by connecting students to their local environment through artistic and cultural experiences in their city, and by encouraging respectful, supportive artistic collaboration among peers and teachers, in order to develop a sense of belonging, positive cultural identity, and civic engagement.