Project Create Teaching Artists are our most valuable resource! 

We appreciate your support of our students in exploring artistic processes and practice, and promoting creative expression. Project Create’s goal is to allow students to discover, experience, and fulfill their creative potential through the arts. Teaching Artists are our most important tools in helping young people achieve this goal. We highly value our students’ work and encourage our teaching artists to be our partners.

Share your passion and skill with Project Create’s students and community! We are always on the lookout for creative teaching artists to collaborate with. We accept applications on a rolling basis, and contract on a semester-basis. Interested? Then click on the relevant link below to submit an application. 

  • If you’re interested in a Lead Teaching Artist position with us, click here to submit a Course Proposal.
  • If you’re interested in facilitating a Family Art Day workshop, click here to submit a proposal.
  • If you’re interested in an Assistant Teaching Artist role, click here to submit an application.


Creative Arts Therapists are highly encouraged to apply. 

Click Here Meet Your Fellow Teaching Artists!