Carli Cortopassi

Art Therapist

Hello my name is Carli Cortopassi and I have been working in the field of Art Therapy for the last 3 years. Being originally from California, I moved to DC in the beginning of 2017 to attend school at The George Washington University. I have since graduated with a Masters in Art Therapy and throughout the last few years have seen what a tremendous impact art and creative expression can have on both a community and its individuals. From the halls of a DCPS elementary school, to an urban psychiatric hospital, even overseas in the Republic of Croatia, I have used art and art therapy as a means of communication, self discovery, and community building. Being witness to a wide variety of ages, experiences, and cultures has instilled in me the importance of a person-centered approach to healing. I believe every individual has their own story as well as their own way of telling it, and with a supportive environment and a creative outlet, that story has a way of not only being told, but understood.