Christel Guillen

Staff Care and Wellness Consultant

Christel is a lifelong educator and advocate for well-being and peaceful living. She moved to Washington, DC in 2006 to attend graduate school and to begin her career as a special education high school teacher. During her decade of work in the DC public school system, Christel was led to focus her skills and energy on the wellness aspects of organizations and communities to create more holistic systems and approaches, especially in environments serving the youth. Her work centers around the development and wellness of educators, wellness providers, leadership teams, and whole organizations, through coaching, consulting and training. Christel Guillen LLC provides expert level consultancy ranging from branding and marketing, to program development and event hosting, especially for non-profits and social enterprises. In 2017, Christel founded Bliss House, an education and wellness lifestyle brand, collaborative network, consultancy, and bed + breakfast. By mindfully integrating quality education practices + wellness fundamentals into organizational structures and cultures, Christel and her team of consultants and community partners, are able to support teams and individuals in living out their maximum potential, in a more blissful way.